Storm Updates

The City of Altamonte Springs continues to clean, repair and restore our City. The effects of Hurricane Ian are real and devastating. It will take some time to make our community whole again, but we want residents to know the hard work is underway. 


The City of Altamonte Springs water system is fully operational. At this time, the City has NOT issued any boil water notices. However, residents are encouraged to conserve as much water as possible. Ways to conserve include shortening showers, limiting laundry loads, “essential” flushing, etc. 

Debris Pickup

Storm debris cleanup is underway in all four quadrants of the City. The City is clearing roads and removing trees, limbs and branches. Crews will continue to work seven days a week. Regular household trash and recycling collection resumes its normal pickup schedule starting Monday, October 3. 

Household trash and storm debris must be collected separately per FEMA rules. So please understand that our collection crews cannot pick up your household trash with your storm debris. Debris MUST be divided into separate piles:

  1. Yard Waste—large tree limbs and branches. No bundling is required.
  2. Bagged Yard Waste—smaller items such as leaves, plants, twigs, etc.
  3. Construction & Demolition—building debris such as fencing, roofing, lumber, drywall, carpeting, plastic, glass, etc.
  4. Trash & Recycling—regular trash and recycling are picked up on normal collection days.

There is no bag limit. All items must be placed at the curb on a public right-of-way (between the road and sidewalk) and not in the street or in your yard (private property) for collection.

Do not stack or lean debris on mailboxes, trees, poles or other structures. Different crews are collecting the debris types, which will result in varied pickup times.

Flood Water

Significant elevations in the Little Wekiva River and other waterbodies in the City have caused historic flooding. The nature of the storm and the large amount of rainwater we received have led to several areas seeing severe flooding. Until river and lake water levels begin to recede, we will continue to see standing water in many of the low-lying areas in the City.

What's That Smell? 

Due to Hurricane Ian, we have experienced elevated water levels, saturated soil and wet vegetation. This has caused many to notice a strong odor as the water recedes and wet material decomposes. Muck and sediment have caused an egg-like smell throughout the City and surrounding areas. As the debris is collected and yards/streets dry out, the odor will subside. We appreciate your partnership and your patience as we continue to clean up our City.

City Offices, Parks and Recreational Programming


  • Eastmonte, Merrill, Lake Lotus and Cranes Roost parks are closed until further notice due to flooding. All park amenities are unavailable during this time.
  • The City Library remains closed while we await power restoration.
  • The Lake Orienta boat ramp is currently closed due to unsafe water levels.


  • City offices will reopen Monday, October 3.
  • Westmonte Recreation Center will reopen on Tuesday, October 4. All classes, programs and amenities will be available.
  • Hermits Trail, Turnbull and Sunshine parks are open.

Restricted Speed Limits

Due to severe flooding caused by Hurricane Ian, the City has restricted vehicular travel speed limits in the various rights-of-ways and streets to speeds of 5 MPH effective by Emergency Executive Order No. 2022-02.

  • Agnes Drive
  • Central Parkway
  • Cranes Roost Boulevard
  • Darwin Drive
  • Diane Drive
  • Florida Boulevard
  • Hermits Trail
  • Jamestown Boulevard
  • Lake Orienta Drive
  • Lemonwood Court
  • Little Wekiva Road
  • Magnolia Drive
  • McNorton Road
  • Peachwood Drive
  • Silver Oak Lane
  • Spring Oaks Road
  • Sun Court
  • Tropic Hill
  • Underoak Drive
  • William Avenue
  • Wymore Road

An idle speed/no wake boating restricted area has been established for all portions of Seminole County. Motorists are not permitted to drive fast enough through flooded roadways to create a wake. Wakes can cause further flooding and damage. Operating a motorized boat on roadways is also prohibited. For more information, visit

Tree Removal Requirements for Single-Family Residential Properties

For trees on single-family dwelling property that have fallen and need to be removed, no arbor permit is required. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure at least two, 2” caliper trees remain or are replaced on the single-family dwelling property. 

For trees that are still standing on a single-family dwelling property and are determined by an ISA certified Arborist that the tree poses an unacceptable risk to persons or property, the tree may be removed without a permit issued by the City.

If a tree is still standing but appears to be dead or dying and an ISA certified Arborist has not certified the tree for removal, a homeowner can complete an arbor permit application and submit it to the City of Altamonte Springs Building and Fire Safety Department located at City Hall. There is no fee for this permit. As part of the requirements of the arbor permit, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure at least two, 2” caliper trees remain or are replaced on the single-family dwelling property.

Download the Residential Arbor Permit Application.

Individual Recovery Assistance

Seminole County residents are now eligible for financial and direct services from FEMA's Individuals and Households Program (IHP). You must first file a claim with your insurance company. If you do not have insurance, or if insurance does not cover losses caused by Hurricane Ian, you may apply for FEMA assistance. For more info, visit

Seminole County residents are strongly encouraged to report storm damage to property by completing the Damage Assessment form at These reports are critical for FEMA assistance and County officials.

Limit Water Usage

Sewer pump stations are operational; however, residents are encouraged to conserve as much water as possible. Ways to conserve include shortening showers, limiting laundry loads, “essential” flushing, etc. Systems are working overtime and experiencing high water flow volume due to Hurricane Ian.

Power Outages

Duke Energy is working to restore power to the City. If you experience down lines or related issues, contact Duke Energy at (800) 228-8485.

For more information, call (407) 571-8000 during normal business hours or (407) 571-8686 for after-hours questions.

Last Updated 10/2/2022 at 8 p.m.