Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program establishes a formal network for concerned citizens to communicate with other neighbors and police regarding crime related problems. Very few people are in a position to protect their homes and property 100% of the time. Vacations, business trips, work, shopping, or an evening out leave our homes unattended and vulnerable to burglary.

Simply stated, Neighborhood Watch asks concerned citizens to become the eyes and ears of the Police Department, to be more involved with their neighbors and their property by becoming more aware and alert to the activity on their block.

What Is Neighborhood Watch?

It’s good neighbors working together to prevent crimes in their area before it starts. To learn how you can bring a Neighborhood Watch program into your neighborhood, call (407) 571-8293.

Neighborhood Watch does not include any suggestions for ill-considered physical resistance to threats of force or violence, nor is it an invitation to vigilante groups to operate outside the law. Neighborhood Watch promotes teamwork between the Altamonte Springs Police Department and the community in its attempt to reduce residential crimes in our community. The real key to this program is getting to know your neighbors and sharing with them the responsibility of protecting your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch consists of three basics steps:

  • Securing your home
  • Marking and taking inventory of your valuables
  • Reporting suspicious and criminal activity to law enforcement

CPTED Surveys
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Surveys (CPTED) are conducted by appointment by a certified officer. CPTED is defined as, "the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, and an improvement of the quality of life." During the survey we examine the physical layout of the property, the building, and the workspace. Recommendations are then made to help reduce crime, and more importantly, the fear of crime. Often times these recommendations are simple and inexpensive to implement.

To schedule any of these free services, call (407) 571-8293.