ABA Clinics

Spring Training Session

The ABA spring training session will focus on the development of fundamental and advanced skills. Players are instructed through various methods inspired by ABA instructors. The sessions run Monday through Friday at Eastmonte Park and is open to players ages 7 to 18. Cost is $100 for the session. 

Session Dates: March 15 -19

Session Time: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Participants are urged to follow established guidance on personal hygiene, hand washing and hand sanitizer.
  • Those exhibiting symptoms of illness are strongly encouraged to self-isolate and limit personal interaction outside of their homes.  
  • Participants should arrive no earlier than five (5) minutes prior to the start of a session. 
  • Parents or guardians are prohibited from entering the field.    
  • Participants must bring and use their own equipment. 
  • At the completion of a session, participants should gather their belongings, exit the facility and head straight back to the parking lot. 
  • Participants should not loiter in the parking lot.
  • Participants are encouraged to maintain 6 feet of separation from others when possible.
  • The City has enhanced its cleaning and disinfecting schedule and procedures.