Training Sessions

ABA Preseason Training

Summer Training Sessions

The ABA summer training sessions will focus on the development of fundamental and advanced skills. Players are instructed through various methods inspired by ABA instructors. The sessions run Monday through Friday at Eastmonte Park from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and are open to players ages 7 to 15. 

Preseason Training

Preseason training is available for ages 7 to 18 in an effort to physically and mentally prepare players before each spring and fall season. These sessions are designed to provide proper conditioning and fundamental training techniques to help players begin each season at their best.

Each preseason training program includes two sessions, each consisting of a series of specialized training programs. Players can register for multiple training programs within each session. Like all ABA programs, instruction is matched to the participant’s skill level. Cost is $40 per session.

Players must bring their own equipment.